Get Organized in 3 easy steps!

  1. Let’s meet at your place. So I get to see the space first hand.
  2. Cup of tea?  Yes, please. I want to get to know you, learn your goals, tastes and style, see how the space functions, what you want to accomplish.
  3. Make a plan. Develop ideas for organization, a strategy for execution
    and budget guidelines. 


Your project is custom and your needs become my priority.
Small to moderate organizational needs are often started and completed in the same day.  Significant projects may require several visits to the site and additional contracted help. In advance of our work beginning, you will receive a proposal outlining the plan of action and budget details.  This way we both know what the end result of the project is to accomplish. We work together on some projects and on others I do the work while you carry on with your day to day responsibilities.

Are you working on a very small specific project that does not require us meeting?  Are you available by phone or e-mail to discuss the details?  After I have the nuts and bolts of the project, we pick a day and time that I can get started.  Easy as that!

My Philosophy:
Develop a personal connection and understand you
Create a stress free environment that allows organization to happen
Have patience, no judgement and complete confidentiality
Develop a system that meets your needs and is easy to maintain

A gift certificate for Organizing or Home Staging makes a unique and thoughtful gift!