Serene Kitchens

Kitchens are the hub of most homes, especially when you’re cooking daily for family. Therefore it should be a pleasant and desirable place to hang out. If your kitchen is serene then you will want to cook more and spend more time at home thus = saving money. As an Organizer it pains me to see when people have tons of miscellaneous items scattered all over their kitchen. Downsizing your junk drawer and then actually putting the counter top junk into a drawer is game changer.  The biggest proponent of disorganization is putting off decisions. If you have a designated place for items to go then decision making comes easily. These kitchens make me sigh with serenity and calmness. They are beautiful to look at and everything is in its place. Kitchen goals!!09_19_17_coj_anna_bond_home_035-680x1020-1Monica-Wang-Photo-1_preview9db4f64717b901e93c61a3abdcf3830dLacey_Chaus


credits: Anna Bond design/ Studio McGee/ pinterest/ Lacey Claus

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